Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Post Command Center

We officially have an end date on our lease - and it's just over a week away! While we're still not sure exactly when we'll be in the new house, it's nice to have some kind of a plan in place. 

So, instead of writing this blog, I should be upstairs packing. But packing is super boring and I can only stand so much in one day - and I'm much too excited about the new house to be solely focused on wrapping things up here!

Anyway, I don't have a ton of plans to redecorate the new house. I love so much about it already! I originally planned to paint one room - the office - but I've since decided to hold off, at least for now. One thing that I am really excited about is putting together a home base, or as it's known in the Pinterest world, a command center. 

I've seen these kinds of "walls of organization" all over Pinterest for awhile now, but we didn't have a great place for one in our condo - and I figured with just the two of us, we could stay pretty organized without one. I was wrong. Our fridge is a hot mess of invitations, calendars, receipts, photos, lists and notes. Side note: with all of the things we have going on already, I can't imagine the chaos when we add kids into the mix.

We have the perfect wall right inside our back entry way that is begging to be used as a command center. I started thinking about it just yesterday - and after a trip to Home Goods after work, I have everything I need! 

I made a calendar print to go in the large frame to make a dry-erase calendar. The burlap bulletin board will take care of invitations, photos, cards, etc. The mail sorter will hold mail (imagine that!), receipts, and other paperwork until it finds its permanent home (probably the trash). And I love that it has hooks - perfect for keys and puppy leashes. 

I'm already using the basket! I thought why waste a box when I can throw things in here to transport to the new house? It will hold pens, dry erase markers for the calendar, scissors, tape, and notepads.

We have an upholstered storage bench that sits at the foot of our bed right now, but the new bed we just bought has storage drawers, so I plan to put the bench underneath the command center with a couple of throw pillows. It'll add to the appearance and be a comfy place to sit while you put your shoes on (this wall is right across from the coat closet - convenient!), plus we can store odds and ends inside!

I'll post an update when we're in the house and this little project is finished! Fingers crossed that it turns out as nicely as I hope!

Do you have an area like this - a "command center" - in your home? How does your family use it?


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