Saturday, May 10, 2014

Say Hello to the Homeowners

We announced a few months ago that we were planning our big move from Columbus back to Saint Henry. What we have delayed announcing officially - although some of you may already know - is that we found the perfect home and it's now ours!

We were lucky enough to find a house, owned by friends of ours, that was never even listed on the market. We quite possibly have had the smoothest home buying experience ever. Thank you, Mitch and Emily, for making our lives easier! It has been a pleasure doing business with you!

Our new home is a two story craftsman house on the north side of Saint Henry. It has everything we were hoping for, including a perfect kitchen, a master suite on the first floor and a great patio and backyard. I love everything about it. In fact, at this point, I don't plan to paint or change anything!

While it is absolutely adorable now (okay, I may be a little biased), from what I hear, it used to be the scary house in town that kids would run past on their way to the pool or park. Mitch and Emily bought it and completely remodeled it a few years ago. It's like a brand new house! Speaking of, they're doing that process all over again with another house, hence why they sold us this one.

We don't have an official move in date, but we're hoping to be in by the beginning of June. A housewarming party (also known as any excuse to throw a party) will be in the works shortly thereafter. Stay tuned!

Here are some pictures of the house we'll now be calling home!


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