About Me

My name is Morgan.  I am a girl of many hats:
- Small town girl
- Ohio State Buckeye
- Daughter
- Best friend
- Book enthusiast
- Communicator
- Roommate
- Catholic
- Foodie
- Magazine subscriber
- Problem solver
- Fun lover
- Beer drinker
- Tweeter
- Writer
- Country music fanatic
- Girly girl
- Bargain shopper
Recently, I have taken on some important (dare I say life changing?) new roles:
- Fiance
- Wedding planner
- Wife

- Home buyer
- Auntie
- Sister-in-law
- Daughter-in-law
- Full-time employee

- Pseudo grown up
I can’t wait to see what I will add to the list over the next few years.  I am excited, nervous, anxious and surprised, but most of all, I am happy.  That’s all a girl can ask for.


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