Monday, January 7, 2013

Monday Blues

Love this picture that I found here.
Happy Monday!  Is there such a thing?  Woof.

Today was my last first day of school ever.  If I learned anything in college, it's that I am not productive before 10:00 a.m. on a Monday, so my schedule allows me to hit snooze a few extra times on Monday mornings.  And on this particular Monday, my first class was cancelled, so I got a few extra minutes hours of sleep. :)

My schedule is jam packed this semester.  On top of my regular class and work schedule, I start an internship to complete my professional writing minor on Wednesday.  Even though I may have stretched myself a little thin this semester, I am so excited to start my internship at Interactive Hospitality.  It seems like such a cool place to work and I think that it will be super valuable experience.  And hey, it's only one semester.  If I end up feeling overwhelmed by the last few weeks, I have the rest of my life to recover...

Have I mentioned that I graduate this semester?

Check back later this week to see how my first few days go and for a few new topics that I've been toying around with!


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