Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Hey, There (Again)

Let's just pretend that I didn't leave you all hanging for the last year, okay? I could make a million excuses for why this blog was a total fail. I could, but I won't. Instead, check out the updated About The Blog section to see why I'm resurrecting this project that you clearly thought was dead.

While you do that, I'm going to jump right to it. To say a lot has changed since the last time I posted would be the understatement of the, well, year. I'll try to get you all up to speed in the next 500 words.

The whole purpose of this blog (you know, that whole wedding thing) has come and gone.

I can't do my wedding day justice with one bullet point. It's going to require its own post one day, but not today. I'm sure most of you who are reading this were there anyway!

To sum it up as briefly as possible, it was a beautiful day full of love and laughter and family and friends. It was the happiest I've ever been, and I wouldn't change a thing.

Our honeymoon was as amazing as I ever could've imagined.

This is another topic that warrants its own post on another day. Here's what I'll say for now: Cabo is even more beautiful than the photos, the tequila goes down smoother at a swim-up bar and the hangovers fade quicker when you're lounging by the beach.

I left my job at the hospital and took the next step in my career.

Saying goodbye to everyone at the hospital was so hard for me (I still miss you all!), but it was time for my next move. I accepted a job at a digital marketing agency in Columbus. It has been about six months, and it's going really well! I get to work with some great clients and I learn something new every day. 

I also have some awesome perks, like working from home... Which reminds me...

Tyler also left his job and accepted a new position... at home!

We're super excited to move back to our hometown and be close to our families and friends. We really weren't sure if we would ever be able to move back home, and we definitely did not anticipate it happening this quickly. 

We're in the process of buying our first home.

Nothing is official yet, but we've found the cutest little house that's just perfect for us. More to come on that later!

Until we officially buy a house, we're splitting our time between here and there.

We're making the best of it, and it's all going to work out soon, but it's a rough time for us. I don't recommend not living with your husband in your first six months of marriage if you can avoid it!

I am to become homeowners for the first time, but I'm going to miss where we live now.

We have been super lucky to live in a great condo in a great neighborhood. We have the best landlord (Hey, Jules!) and it has been the perfect place for us to start our married life!

Luckily, I have a little someone to keep me company while we're apart.

Say hello to my best girl Somer Post. Well, she's my best girl most of the time. Sometimes I think she finds joy in making my life difficult (right about now is one of those times). 

In all seriousness, I don't know what I would do without her right now. She is a handful, but I love having her. To be honest, I don't know how I talked Tyler into getting a dog, but I'm so glad I did. Don't be fooled - even though he was against the idea, they have become best friends. Somer is his girl.


Welp, that's that. See you next time! 

There will be a next time. I promise.


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