Friday, February 15, 2013

High Five for Friday

ONE. This is my FOURTH post this week. Go me!

TWO. I babysat this week for a family that I haven't seen in nearly two years. They used to come to the daycare where I used to work. They left, then soon after, I left, and we kind of lost touch. It was so neat to how things have changed for them in the last couple of years. They moved to the other side of the city into a beautiful house in an adorable neighborhood. The last time I saw them, they had two kids. Now, they have three! Such a sweet little family. It was so good to see them. They didn't remember me, but they warmed up quickly. It made my heart swell!

THREE. I hope you all had a happy Valentine's Day! This year is our last Valentine's Day together before Tyler and I get married. We didn't do anything too crazy, but it was nice to just spend time together. As crazy as my schedule has been since the start of the semester, we don't see each other very much, other than weekends. We exchanged gifts, went out for Mexican food and rented Ted from Redbox. I sent him a cookie bouquet to work, which got lost in the mail, so Kensey and I hand delivered it to his apartment. He bought me some PJs and a bag of Cadbury eggs. Why not Valentine's candy? The guy knows me too well. Cadbury eggs are my favorite candy and they're only available around Easter, so forget the heart shaped chocolates.

FOUR. I spent some time this week updating and re-designing my resume. I'm not going to share a picture, because that would be boring. But I think updating it with my newest positions and giving it some new flare has really boosted my job-seeking confidence! Fingers crossed that the next couple of months will bring something my way.

FIVE. My parents are cooler than your parents. It's a fact. And I hope Tyler and I share the kind of love that they do for years to come.


Sarah said...

Whoa - you have Cadbury Mini Eggs already? I need to check our stores. Those are my favorite!!


Emma said...

those eggs are so gosh darn good!!! i'm glad you stopped by my blog :)


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