Monday, October 22, 2012

Say Yes to the Dress

Dress shopping, while nothing like Say Yes to the Dress, was a wonderful experience!*  My entourage consisted of my mom, Tyler's mom, Renee, Aleigha, Liz and Stacy.  I was so nervous!  It took until about the 10th dress to feel comfortable coming out and showing everyone.  It was so unlike me!  I think it took me that long to realize that I was really trying on wedding dresses.

Everyone was way too nice!  Well, except Aleigha, who was brutally honest.  She told me I looked silly a few times, which is exactly why I needed her there!  I guess they didn't have to say a lot because apparently they could tell right away whether or not I liked it based on the face I made as I looked in the mirror.

The consultant we had, Maggie, was absolutely phenomenal!  She made me feel so comfortable, even though she was essentially dressing and undressing me!  She really was the sweetest.  At first I was really uncomfortable saying that I didn't like some of the dresses, because they really were all so pretty... Some of them just were not me at all.  She told me that I did not have to explain why it wasn't the dress, and that made it easier to just say, "This isn't for me!"

In the end, it came down to two dresses that were both so beautiful.  I was really struggling but I knew it was one of them.  Maggie walked me across the store, away from the girls, and had me walk toward a mirror telling me, "This is what Tyler will see when the church doors open and you start walking down the aisle.  Walk all the way to the mirror and then tell me how you feel."

I did it once and I told her I just didn't know.  I asked if we could do the same with the other dress.  So, once again she helped me out of one dress and into another.  This time, I lost it while walking "down the aisle."  It was the dress.

I ended up choosing the very first dress I tried on.  It was also the  very first picture I sent to Renee after we got engaged, telling her I wanted to try it on.  I guess I kind of knew it was the one all along.

We all shared a very special, emotional moment after I made my decision.  Maggie explained the David's Bridal tradition of ringing the bell.  Each person with me took a turn making a wish for Tyler and I and for our future together, rang the bell and passed it on to the next person.  At the end, I made a wish for our future and rang the bell.  Everyone said such kind words that meant so very much to me.  I cannot put into words the joy that I felt in that moment!  Thank you all for sharing such a special experience with me!

We had looked at a few different bridesmaids styles and once I was sure what dress I was set on, I made my final decision for the girls' dresses.  They compliment my dress just perfectly!  Renee, Stacy and Liz all looked so pretty in them; I am sure they will be very flattering on the other girls as well!  I want everyone to feel comfortable, so I hope I made the right decision.  We found a coordinating flower girl dress for Miss Aleigha and she is going to be gorgeous!

My mom and Tyler's mom both found their dresses, too!  I am so happy that it was such a successful day.  I am even more excited now!  Soon I am going to have all of the planning done that I can do until it is closer to the big day and I know that I will be anxiously awaiting the next steps in the process.

Before I wrap this up (which I need to do before I start tearing up again!), I just want to say thank you one more time to my mom, Jo, Renee, Stacy and Liz, and another big thank you to Maggie who helped me make such an important decision!  See you for Thanksgiving, girl! ;)

*I have so many fun pictures but, of course, I cannot share them until after the big day!


heyitskylie13 said...

Love this, Morgan! So exciting! I'm so happy you were able to find the perfect dress for you, and the dresses for everyone else. I CANNOT wait to see them all on the big day! xoxo

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