Monday, September 10, 2012

Fear of Commitment

Don't worry! I'm not getting cold feet.  I can commit to a boy... I just cannot commit to a date!  I am struggling so much to make a decision.  Tyler's mom told me tonight that she is just going to find a date that works, book the church and the hall, and tell me at my engagement party.  That's how crazy I am being.

At first, I couldn't even decide on a year!

I am so nervous about planning a wedding while I am finishing school.  I know that I am being crazy. I have so many people to help me and to support me throughout the whole process.  They are what I like to call my dream team.  (They know who they are, even though I haven't officially asked them to be my bridesmaids yet!)  I am going to be fine.

Don't get me wrong- I want to get married.  I have wanted to get married since I was, like, six.  I've wanted to get married to Tyler since the first time I saw him with Kaden and Aleigha.  I want to have a perfect wedding... I just don't want to plan it!  Any wedding planners out there feeling generous?  Anyone want to do some pro bono planning?

I have a bad habit of trying to turn everything into a sign.  Our friends are getting married on August 24th, the date that I would've chosen.  That must be a sign.  The church I want is booked every Saturday in August and September, the only months I was comfortable with.  That must be a sign.  What are the signs for?  I don't know.

Last night, Tyler and I had Chinese food.  I compared our fortunes and because we both had seven listed as one of our lucky numbers, I insisted we were supposed to get married on the 7th.  The 7th of September happens to be a Saturday.  That must be a sign.

I am driving myself crazy!  I just need to settle on a date and start making plans.  Then, I can't change my mind.


Do you find yourself trying to turn every coincidence into a sign?  Do you think I'm crazy?  Wait, don't answer that.


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